We are living through times of great change as we transition from one age to the next. We experience it in our everyday lives and see it in the world around us. This has many of us engaged in the process of consciousness raising and transformation, resulting from and contributing to our ever evolving knowledge and understanding of ourselves and our place in the world and in the universe.

For some time now the spiritual knowledge of earlier times has been re-surfacing in ways that are more intelligible to our contemporary mindset. We have been engaged in practices that, although based on timeless truths and teachings, have been adapted to our current needs and are effective in their ability to engage us in the process of personal growth and transformation.

Science, religion, art and philosophy have been merging into an interrelated, unified field of knowledge that is also facilitating the birth of an expanded and more universal consciousness. As a result we are becoming more aware of our intrinsic connection to each other, to all life and to the cosmos. This is also reflected in our changing perceptions of the nature of matter, time and space.

Born out of our growing desire and need to achieve a more harmonious personal life and interaction with others, we have learned how to integrate the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of ourselves and to apply this inner unity, this new sense of Self, in the everyday circumstances of our lives.

Creative Integration is a psycho-spiritual process that helps us progress beyond the mental and emotional limitations, the negative functioning of the past. Learning to live more positively and purposefully in the present fosters healing and wholeness. It offers us the opportunity to experience and express our holistic Self and to contribute from our own abilities, talents and harmonious centre to the greater good of others and the communities in which we live.

By our very nature we need to experience the transcendental in ourselves, in art, in nature, in the various manifestations of life in the earth. This is a key part of the process of growth and transformation in consciousness that is taking place at this time in parallel with the changes and challenges we are facing.

The arts can play a pivotal part in ennobling and enriching our lives. They can help us perceive realities that exist beyond those known to the material senses. They can inspire us to become all that we can be in this lifetime.

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